College Services


"The Place Where We Help Each Other"

The Waadookoodaading Student Success Center is located at 106 Main St, Mahnomen. 2189365731, and houses enrollment services such as: admissions, registration, financial aid, tutoring services, and the college bookstore.

Visit Waadookoodaading for information regarding:

Satisfactory academic progress
Personal Financial Counseling
Admissions, Registration, Financial Aid, Outreach, Retention, Tutoring
Student Rights and Responsibilities
Enrollment Status

Career Counseling
Chemical Dependency Counseling
WETCC is genuinely interested and cares about our students. Waadookoodaading places emphasis upon students´ personal growth and independence. Through helping each other an increased knowledge of self, community and opportunity is developed, leading to student self determination and continued success. The Waadookoodaading telephone number is 2189365731.

Academic Advising

Academic advising is an integral part of student success at WETCC. All students have opportunities to discuss educational, career and personal goals with counselors and advisors. Advising services include course selection assistance, transfer information and goal setting. All students will be assigned an advisor.


Books for all classes are available for purchase at Waadookoodaading starting at the beginning of the semester. Those students who qualify for financial aid may charge their books to their financial aid with a signed authorization to apply all financial aid to their tuition fees and books. All students who do not qualify or do not apply for financial aid are responsible for the purchase of their own books.

Students who withdraw fully from any or all classes are responsible for the return of their books and will receive a credit on the balance of their invoice. Any students who have already purchased their books may receive a refund within 30 days of the receipt of the books. Refund amounts will first be applied to any outstanding balanced owed to WETCC.

Used books are not returnable.
New books must be in perfect condition to be returned (shrink wrap must be intact, no writing or highlighting in book).
Student must have a drop form from the Registrar´s office.
Business Office

The business office is located in the Wellstone Building at 124 S First Street, Mahnomen. The office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

All tuition and fees are payable in full by the final exam period each semester. All checks should be made payable to White Earth Tribal and Community College. WETCC has established a free drop/add period at the start of each semester. During this period, students may drop any or all classes without obligation. Refer to the Last Day to Add/Drop published in the academic calendar. Students are obligated to pay for all classes remaining after this date. Invoices will be mailed to all students each term as soon as complete.

Students must pay all prior term balances and may not register for subsequent semesters until the debt is satisfied. Students who are not receiving financial aid and are responsible for their own invoice may make payment arrangements with the Business Office. Payment arrangements should be made as soon as possible after the Last Day to Add/Drop. If payment arrangements are not made, the college may use an administrative withdrawal to alleviate liability to the student as well as the college.

Some students may be eligible for tuition waivers. These waivers include: Native American Cultural Waiver for Anishinaabe Language, Art, or Culture classes, Elder Waiver for persons age 55 and over, and Employee Waiver. These waivers are for nondegree students and can only be used for one class per semester.

Students who are regular students who have declared a major and are eligible for financial aid are not eligible for these waivers. Students who receive tuition waivers must pay for their own books each term. Waiver forms must be submitted at the time of registration or preferably before. Approval of a tuition waiver is dependent upon the number of degree students registering for the class and other considerations.

For additional questions regarding the Business Office contact Denise Warren, Finance Officer or George Bass, Finance Assistant at 9365610.

Adult Basic Education

Adult Basic Education is offered in the main campus building. Students needing to complete their high school diploma or GED may contact Sue Bishop or Jamie Makey at 9350417 extension 18.

Agindaasoowigamig Mark Warren Memorial Library

It is the purpose of the Mark Warren Memorial Library to collect materials extensively in the area of Anishinaabe Studies and, in all relevant areas, to acquire materials suitable for community college students. The Library acquires materials needed to serve the information needs of the academic community, paying special attention to the differing needs of departments, classes and programs. We offer services in support of the mission of the college.

The library´s collection consists of various formats of recorded information to include books, CDROMs, newspapers, periodicals, audio and videocassettes, and not specifically excluding any format.

Items can be checked out and renewed at the main desk in the library. If a student is in need of items unavailable at the college site, we can interlibrary loan most anything from public and collegiate libraries throughout the state. We also have numerous online databases to help students research in greater depth both at school or in their own homes. The library is located at 204 S. Main St. Mahnomen MN. The telephone number is 9350417.

Library Fees, Fines and Replacement

Library fees, fines or cost of replacement are the student´s responsibility. If these fees are not paid in full at the end of the semester the student´s transcript may be withheld. Library books are to be returned before complete withdrawal.

Confidentiality of Records

Patron use of all library materials is confidential. No one may access the records showing which items have been used by which patrons or when they have been used. Under Minnesota law, the Library and the college are responsible for safeguarding library data privacy. Minnesota statute 13.40 subd.2 (1982).

Financial Aid

In order to ensure students ability to access education, the Financial Aid Office helps students in identifying and obtaining financial assistance in the form of grants, scholarships and student employment. Financial aid is available to students with a wide range of personal situations, and students are encouraged to meet with the Financial Aid Officer to discuss the process. See financial aid page for more information.

Computer Technology Services

White Earth Tribal and Community College is continuously developing and improving the technology on campus. WETCC aims at preparing students to feel at ease with information technology upon graduation. The technology department is designed to assist students in technology proficiency. The college has available smart boards, projectors, computer lab, Smartroom, internet access and email services, digital cameras and an online virtual library. For information on technology services please contact Vernon Bishop in the Dallas Vizenor Computer Lab at 2189350417.

Student Computer Use Policy

Students are asked while using the college facilities and equipment to please use the seven teachings as a guide to what is acceptable and what is not. Following these teachings will build upon the integrity of the college, community and students.

The purpose of this policy is to govern the access to the appropriate use of technology on campus. The intent is to safeguard the image and reputation of the college the use of college computer resources must be able to withstand public scrutiny, while at the same time allowing students to pursue any legitimate educational project or research, regardless of the subject or content, provided it is pursued in a respectful, mature and professional manner. Students affiliated with the college have numerous opportunities to use computer related resources as long as they are college related activities. However, access to computing resources is a privilege and responsibilities accompany that privilege. It is the intention of the college to provide a nonhostile learning environment that minimizes the risk of offending, intimidating, harassing, or otherwise disrespecting other students or employees. A student should never give someone else access to their account by logging them on or giving out your password. Guests may access the Internet in the Mark Warren Library.

All students enrolled in programs and courses offered by the college are eligible for a college network account. Students who abuse their network privileges may have their account revoked.

Students with college laptops or other school equipment need to turn them in at the end of each semester. If they are not returned the student will be charged for the computer or equipment. Admission and Registration may be denied for nonreturn of college equipment and property. The college reserves the right to prosecute under the full extent of the law for nonreturned school properties.

Inappropriate use of computing resources or inappropriate behavior while using the resources include, but are not limited to:

Any activities that may be construed as illegal including any wagering, betting or selling. It is inappropriate to conduct any commercial activities (personal for profit) or fundraising on computers supplied by the college unless sanctioned by the college.
Harassment or illegal discrimination with regard to race, sex, color, creed, religion, age, national origin, disability, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, sexual orientation, or membership or activities in local commission.
Promoting religious or political positions or activities.
Transmission, bookmarking or storage of offensive, racist, sexist, obscene or pornographic information or materials.
Downloading software from the internet unless authorized by the college.
Use of profanity, vulgar or defamatory language.
Sending mass mailing, forwarding chain letters, hoax warnings, or virus alerts.
Misuse of college, property, such as theft or damage to equipment or software, knowingly running or installing viruses, attempting to circumvent the installed data protection methods, or attempting to degrade the performance or integrity of any campus network or computer system.
Students using their own laptops are required to, produce proof of licensures for all software installed on their computer upon request and register with the technology service center located in the computer lab.
Students using computers must agree to adhere to the terms of the student computer use policy and other related policies found in the catalog and student handbook. All students are to respect the rights and feelings of others who may be working near them or people having access to the computer, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Anyone found abusing the equipment, violating these rules, or being discourteous to others may be asked to leave the computer station and revocation or use privileges may result. Students suspected of violating this policy may be subject to investigation and disciplinary action, up to and including revocation of use privileges, suspension or expulsion from the college in accordance with policies found in the student policies. To review the entire acceptableuse policy, please contact the computer lab.

Student Identification Cards

The photo identification card is the required form of identification as a WETCC student. The ID card is used for library operations, access to computer usage, student services and activities, and various college events.

Student photo ID cards are renewed at registration; therefore, students do not need a new card each semester. There is a $5 replacement fee for lost or stolen cards.

Veteran´s Benefits

The Veterans Services are located in Waadookoodaading. More information about this program is in the pamphlet Summary of Educational Benefits Under the Montgomery GI BillActive Duty Educational Assistance Program. The pamphlet is available from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) by calling 18884424551 or at

Inclement Weather Cancellations

In inclement weather classes will be held as scheduled unless announcements are made to cancel classes and activities. Students are advised to listen to KDLM1340 AM, KFGO790 AM, KRCQ 102.3 FM, KLRM 101.5 FM or watch any of the three television stations out of Fargo, North Dakota.