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The world of Tangkasnet Poker is so wide and at least, you have to know about it since you choose this game over others as your media to earn money and popularity.

There Will Always be A Story in Tangkasnet Poker Game
When you want to know about the world of card gambling, then you need to be more serious. Card gambling is not only about the ways to beat other players with your skill. Learning the stories behind Tangkasnet Poker will motivate you and add some knowledge to your mind. Once you learn about them all, you can see how this card game can affect the world and it is played for long time in the world by players.

The Amazing Story Behind tangkas net Poker Table
The facts behind Tangkasnet Poker are sometimes so amazing and those are:

  • If Richard Nixon succeeded to use his winning money after winning card game for election campaign to be a president, then President Warren G. Harding was different. He lost the entire white house China in the card game to Louise which was the wife of General Douglas MacArthur.


  • You know exactly if card game is for men and it is identical with men’s game. However, women are allowed to play too. This game is open for everyone. Back then, to enter the WSOP tournament, women just needed to pay for $1k for the entrance fee and men should pay for $10k to play. The intention was to make women familiar with this game and they can love playing it just like men did.

Every year and every single time, you will know and hear about the facts of Tangkasnet Poker since there will always be a story inside this game no matter where you play.